Budgeting : Items You Need To Stop Buying

Tangible Joy

Goodness we buy so so so many household products weekly & monthly and just waste our money.  In this post I am going to be discussing 10+ items I stopped buying which started saving our family over $100/month in the long run.  Initially it may be an investment if you don’t have some of these items but if you look at it for years to come you will save tons of money.

So I’m giving you my two lists below! The first list itemizing things I no longer buy and the second list provides you all the ingredients you’ll need to create all your homemade items and STOP wasting money every year on store-bought items that are also unhealthy for your family.

  1. Starbucks: Now it’s okay breathe. Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale.  I still get Starbucks once in a while but I stopped my morning routine after I…

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