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When I stopped going into town on a Thursday the market was a bit rubbish so not really been in a hurry to go back.  But decided to try again today as I was meeting my mate anyway.


25 satsumas, 3 packs cherry tomatoes, 22 normal tomatoes and a gert big cauliflower for £3.39 making this week £38.58.

Well chuffed. They also had 2 bags celery 30p, 6 apples for 50p and a box of tomatoes £1.50.  But I was walking and couldn’t manage any more lol

Next week will be cheap, got a wedding to go to and my mum is buying fish and chips one evening as well as taking us out Sunday. Wonder how little I can do it on….

Now I need to Google what to do with the cauliflower as I am not making a roast this week 😀

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